Five Signs You’re Ready for a New Title Partner

As you scale your real estate investing portfolio, your business may outgrow your current title and closing service provider. Here are five signs that it may be time to find a partner who can grow with you.

A Common Misconception about Title Insurance Fees in North Carolina

Title insurance rates are not promulgated in the state of North Carolina, so why are so many insurers charging the same?

Three Title Issues That Can Delay a Real Estate Closing

Working with the right title company will help you navigate these issues and close quickly.

Four Reasons to Invest in Vacation Rentals Right Now

Coronavirus has changed the way American vacation, and it’s good news for short-term rental investors.

Is Real Estate Still a Good Investment?

It’s a seller’s market, but that shouldn’t deter serious investors from passing up on good opportunities that still exist.

At Blueprint, We have a Hybrid Work Culture. Here’s Why It Works for Us.

In a recent employee engagement survey, team members cited flexibility and autonomy among the most valuable elements of working at Blueprint. The ability to work the way each team member finds most effective is a core element of that flexibility.

Introducing the Blueprint Academy!

The Blueprint Academy is part knowledge base, part comprehensive learning platform, constructed with the real estate professional in mind. When fully built, the Blueprint Academy will be the most in-depth resource for the title and closing industry, providing visitors with insights into anything they need to know.

Should Residential Real Estate Investors Work with a Multi-State Title Company?

One of the interesting choices that any residential real estate investor has to make is whether to work with a local or national title company. The answer will certainly vary based on the business or person and where they operate. In this blog, we explore what kinds of considerations can help you make this decision.