The Different Types of Electronic Closings​

During the coronavirus pandemic, several states issued executive orders temporarily allowing certain kinds of eClosings. Since then, confusion remains about what an eClosing entails. Here’s what you need to know.

What are the Closing Costs?

Closing What are the Closing Costs? Facebook Twitter Linkedin In addition to the purchase price of a property, there are other fees and expenses that are required to be paid in connection with the transaction. As many of these fees and costs are paid at closing, we refer to them collectively as closing costs.  Closing… Continue reading What are the Closing Costs?

What is Recording?

Post-Closing What is Recording? Facebook Twitter Linkedin Recording is the process of delivering a document to a relevant government entity. Depending on the state or county, this process may be required to convey or obtain a lien on real property. Although some states consider the execution of a deed to be evidence of conveyance on… Continue reading What is Recording?

What is Disbursement?

Post-Closing What is Disbursement? Facebook Twitter Linkedin Disbursement is the process of verifying incoming funds and releasing payments to all parties that are involved with the transaction.  While conceptually simple, the disbursement process requires diligent work before and after closing to ensure that all funds are collected and distributed correctly.  Disbursement occurs after all documents… Continue reading What is Disbursement?

What is Post-Closing?

Post-Closing What is Post-Closing? Facebook Twitter Linkedin In a real estate transaction, “closing” is the time when all parties’ documents are executed and funds are received and disbursed by the title agency or attorney.  While closing is typically the end of the transaction for the buyer and seller, it is not the end of the… Continue reading What is Post-Closing?

What is Closing?

Closing What is Closing? Facebook Twitter Linkedin In a residential real estate transaction, the term “closing” gets used quite a bit. It can mean different things to different people depending on how involved in the transaction they are, and how much they understand about the transaction process.  For some, closing means everything that happens after… Continue reading What is Closing?

What Documents Will Be Signed at Closing?

Closing What Documents Will Be Signed at Closing? Facebook Twitter Linkedin By the time a transaction reaches its final closing day, a lot of items have been completed. By this stage, the title commitment’s terms generally have been satisfied, settlement statements and closing disclosures have been distributed, and the parties know how the transaction is… Continue reading What Documents Will Be Signed at Closing?

Settlement Statements, Closing Disclosures, and HUD-1s

Closing Settlement Statements, Closing Disclosures, and HUD-1s Facebook Twitter Linkedin There are a number of different ways to finance a real estate purchase. Some buyers are able to pay cash, but many work with financial institutions to obtain the funds to buy the property. Even when working with a lender, there are multiple options available… Continue reading Settlement Statements, Closing Disclosures, and HUD-1s

What is a Remote Closing?

Closing What is a Remote Closing? Facebook Twitter Linkedin Traditionally, the closing day has occurred in person, often at an attorney, title agency, or escrow company office. With the rise of digital technology, real estate closings are changing. New platforms make it easier for the parties to be in separate locations, potentially across the country… Continue reading What is a Remote Closing?

How are Final Policies Issued?

Post-Closing How are Final Title Policies Issued? Facebook Twitter Linkedin Almost as soon as the real estate purchase agreement is signed, the title clearing process begins. Throughout the closing process, your team will be working to build a complete picture of the title history, issue a title commitment, and clear any known liens or defects… Continue reading How are Final Policies Issued?