Frequently Asked Questions

About Blueprint

We’re a title and escrow agency built for today. Blueprint brings greater ease to the real estate closing process through innovative technology, consistent processing, and competitive pricing. We act as a neutral party, ensuring that real estate transactions are closed smoothly and in accordance with the purchase agreement. You’ll get the benefit of our digital-first experience and our expert in-house team, and our process will give you confidence that you can trust your business with Blueprint.

Blueprint currently operates in 21 states with more to come soon.

Blueprint serves a wide-range of real estate professionals looking for a more efficient, tech-enabled ways to manage their transactions. This includes a range of investor types, lenders, builders, proptechs, and more from across the country.
Blueprint was founded in 2017.
The Blueprint Portal is Blueprint’s proprietary technology that allows our partners to manage their transactions. Whether partners are uploading a new transaction, managing documents, tracking status, and more, the Portal makes it easier to maintain a complete view of your business in a single place.
Yes, Blueprint can offer partners access to our API. Please reach out to to learn more.

About the Title Insurance Industry

Title insurance is a policy that protects you from financial loss and related legal issues if there’s a defect found in the title of your property that is covered by the policy. Unlike many other types of insurance, title insurance provides coverage for errors in title that occurred prior to the issuance of the policy, not for issues that may arise in the future.
A title search can show a range of title defects and liens, in addition to other encumbrances or restrictions on the property. These may include unpaid taxes, judgments against the seller, mortgages not in good standing, and restrictive limits on the use of the land.
Title insurance rates are filed and approved by the state in which they are offered. The premium for an Owner’s Policy depends on the value of the home being covered and the premium for a Loan Policy depends on the loan amount. Title insurance policies are typically paid at closing. The premium amount will be listed on the Closing Disclosure document.

In most cases, a lender’s policy lasts until the mortgage is paid off in full. An owner’s policy typically lasts for as long as you or your heirs retain an interest in the property.

What to Expect with Blueprint

Log into the Blueprint Portal and click the “Open New Transaction” button on your dashboard. Follow the prompts to submit all necessary information so that our Transaction Opening team can process your transaction.[1]
If the Assignment Contract is available at the time of the original transaction submission, upload it in the “Additional Files” section to the Documents step of transaction submission in the Blueprint Portal. If the Assignment Contract is executed after the transaction has already been submitted and/or opened, utilize the “Upload File” button in the Documents section of the transaction in the Blueprint Portal to securely send our Operations team the document.
Double Close transactions are opened as two separate transactions in the Blueprint Portal. You may submit the transaction like you would any other standard Purchase/Sale, and our Transaction Opener team will take care of creating the correct combination of A>B and B>C transactions within the Portal.
Wire Instructions are securely stored and can be found in the Documents section of each Open transaction based on the state in which the property is located.
Please call (615) 334-0094 to verify our Wire Instructions when initiating a wire with your financial institution. A member of our team will confirm the routing number, account number, bank name, and account name over the phone with you.
Details will be provided in the Blueprint Portal Task Checklist. For each transaction there is a task in the Information Gathering phase for “Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) Received.” When an EMD receipt has been uploaded to the Portal, this task will be checked off as completed. An email notification will also be sent at this stage.[1]
Portal reflects the expected turnaround time for title search completion. Our SLA for commitment issuance is within one business day of receiving the title search from our search provider.
Generally speaking, Buyer/Borrower signings take place within a day or two of the scheduled closing date. Your Closing Team will proactively reach out to schedule your closing time and location. Generally speaking, Seller signings take place a few days prior to closing date. Your Escrow Officer will proactively reach out to schedule your closing time and location.[1]
To prevent both payoff fraud and wire fraud, Blueprint must receive payoff statements directly from the lien holder/creditor. Sellers may order the payoff statement and have the lien holder/creditor deliver directly to Blueprint.
This information will be provided directly from your State Closing Team and depends on all information about payoffs and invoices being collected and balanced prior to closing. Availability of this information can depend on lender documents in the day, or days, before the closing date. Connecting with Buyers and Sellers about estimated figures is a standard part of our Closing process.[1]
The Operations team will reach out proactively to communicate the file is Clear to Close.[1]
  • Valid photo ID (sometimes two)
  • Social Security Number
  • Check or Wire if funds are needed to close


  • Check or Wire if funds are needed to close
  • Spouse if necessary

Lenders generally do not accept electronic signatures on a portion of their closing documents, but Blueprint works with lenders to find an acceptable workaround. If you’re a frequent Blueprint purchaser, reach out to determine whether you’re eligible for full eSign on every transaction. Here are general guidelines:

  • Most cash deals can be signed electronically.
  • In general, lenders do not accept electronic signatures on a portion of their closing documents. You would need to confirm with your lender.
  • If you are a Seller, reach out to our Operations team at to determine whether or not you can sign electronically.
A notary is required in order to prevent fraud. A notary verifies the signer’s identity to ensure the human who signs the document is the same person named on the document. Counties will reject legal documents that do not include notary acknowledgement.
Generally speaking, we can write a check or send a wire. We can send via regular mail or overnight checks.[1]
When all parties have signed and all funds have been successfully delivered to Blueprint, we will disburse proceeds within 24 hours of closing. Except in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, and Virginia where we record before disbursement.[1]
We send a Seller Proceeds Authorization form to Sellers as part of our intro docs. Sellers/Wholesalers/Investors indicate on this form exactly how we should deliver their proceeds. We also include this form again at Seller signing time, if necessary.[1]
We send a Proceeds Authorization form to wholesalers/investors as part of our intro docs. Wholesalers/investors indicate on this form exactly how we should deliver their proceeds. We also include this form again closer to close of escrow if necessary.[1]
Copies of executed closing documents will be available in the Blueprint Portal within one business day of closing. Special delivery requests, like emailing or first-class mail, will be fulfilled within one business day of closing.
Recording processes and timelines vary by state and by county. We record documents electronically whenever possible. The e-recording process is usually pretty fast, taking anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. In locations where manual recording is required, a longer timeline from sending documents for recording to receiving recording confirmation is expected. Once recorded, documents will be available in the Blueprint Portal.[1]
It can take up to 30 days from the recording date to receive the final policy. Once available, the Final Policy will be located in the Documents section of the transaction in the Blueprint Portal.