Non-Traditional Transactions? No Problem.

Modern real estate investing and wholesaling are more complicated than traditional consumer transactions, with multiple options for deal structures. You need a title partner who understands how you do business. Blueprint has expertise in contract assignments, novations, double closings, limited and general partner funding, and more.

See how Blueprint can help you grow.

   Contract Assignments


  Double Closes


More Growth

Broaden Your Real Estate Footprint

We’ve built a consistent, streamlined process in multiple states, so you can expand confidently.

Coverage Across the Country

We operate in most major markets. No more researching and managing multiple partners — one title partner, one process, for all your deals.

State-Specific Expertise

Whether closing in Austin, Miami, or Nashville, we know what’s needed to close any deal structure efficiently. 

More Satisfied Parties

A Better Experience for Your Clients

Your buyers and sellers also gain access to easy-to-use tools and resources to give them confidence.

Intuitive Platform

Buyers and sellers can track their transactions, upload and sign documents, and complete other closing tasks from their dashboard.

Transaction Support

Our customer support team is available to answer any questions your buyers or seller may have by phone or email during operating business hours.