Financing Strategies to Scale Your Single-Family Rental Portfolio

For investors who want to push beyond that comfort zone and scale their real estate portfolios, reaching a loftier goal will likely require tapping into equity, following repeatable systems, leveraging tax deferments, and exploring loan options designed for portfolio growth.

Will ChatGPT Revolutionize Real Estate?

Tech enthusiasts are calling ChatGPT a game-changer for real estate. Here are a few ways real estate investors and other professionals can benefit from the AI tool and a few of its shortcomings.

Investors on the Hunt for Real Estate Deals, Look Out for This Scam

Recently, the American Land Title Association (ALTA) put out an alert on a growing trend of deed fraud targeting vacant properties. Here’s how the scam works, the red flags to watch for, and how hiring a title and closing agent can help.

The Top-Ranked Real Estate Markets for Investors

Data analysis from Zillow, PwC, Redfin,, and other real estate experts suggest these markets may be worth a look.

What Makes a Good Real Estate Market for Investors?

Spotting these trends is vital for any investor who wants to time their acquisitions and disposition just right to maximize returns, optimize their investment strategies, and successfully enter a new market.

Product Update 12.12.2022 – Status Tracker, Conditions, Progress and More

What new in Blueprint? See the latest product updates improving your title and closing experience.

How to Buy Real Estate Investments in a New Market

Staying local may hamper an investor’s ability to grow a portfolio and reap the rewards of another market’s booming economy. If you’re looking beyond your backyard for your next deal, be aware of the pros and cons of out-of-state investing and take the right steps to expand into a new market smoothly.

When Does It Make Sense to Build a Real Estate Investment Property

As new housing starts slow and inventory remains low, investors interested in single-family or smaller multi-family residents might consider turning to construction.

Keeping Real Estate Transactions Safe: Cybersecurity Best Practices

Learn more about how cybercriminals target real estate transactions and the cybersecurity best practices to prevent fraud.

Real Estate Trends Then and Now: 80’s Edition

Unlike stocks, buying real estate can be a lengthy and involved transaction. The learning curve is steep. There is no straightforward one-size-fits-all pathway to real estate investing, and one misstep could turn a promising asset into a money pit. Here, we’ll discuss how lien risks can increase for real estate investors