How Lien Risks are Heightened with Real Estate Investment Properties

Unlike stocks, buying real estate can be a lengthy and involved transaction. The learning curve is steep. There is no straightforward one-size-fits-all pathway to real estate investing, and one misstep could turn a promising asset into a money pit. Here, we’ll discuss how lien risks can increase for real estate investors

What Are Entity Documents & Why Does Blueprint Need Them?

Real estate investors often form Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) to buy, sell, and hold real estate. When a buyer or seller of a property is an LLC, title companies request documentation related to the LLC. These documents help establish the identity of individuals authorized to do business on behalf of the LLC, prevent business fraud, and legally secure the LLC’s interest in a property.

Why a Municipal Lien Search is Important When Buying Distressed Properties

A municipal lien search uncovers pending fines, violations, assessments and other issues that haven’t hit the public record yet. Here’s why the search is important when buying real estate.

Interest Rates and Real Estate Investing

The Federal Reserve announced raising interest rates again in July. Here’s how the decision impacts real estate investor financing.

What is a Novation, and How is It Used in Real Estate? 

A novation is a legal instrument used to replace one obligation or party with another in a contract. Learn more about how they are used in real estate transactions.

What are Articles of Organization?

The Articles of Organization are required by each state to legally form a limited liability company (LLC). Occasionally, the Articles of Organization may be referred to as the Certificate of Organization, Certificate of Formation, or the Articles of Association.

Seven Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Real Estate Investment Property

Answering these seven questions will help provide a good foundation for finding and acquiring the right real estate investment property.

Shifting to a Hospitality Mindset for Short-term Vacation Rentals

Short-term rentals require a different approach to decision-making, an emphasis on understanding the clientele, and a focus on elevating the experience of those who stay there.

Benefits of an LLC for Real Estate Investing

An LLC can provide many broad benefits to any type of company, but there are several unique advantages for real estate investors.

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

A certificate of good standing is a state-issued document demonstrating that a business is properly registered within a state, up to date on registration fees, and active. Business owners will usually only need a Certificate of Good Standing when it’s requested by a third party. It’s a good idea to prepare for the request before doing any of these activities.