Using a Mobile Notary with Blueprint

At Blueprint, we strive to integrate services that make the closing process easy for both our partners and their counterparties. One of the elements of any closing that can be stressful is the need to meet in a physical location to review and sign closing documents. 

Since our partners are busy professionals, coordinating schedules can be challenging. In order to overcome this, we implement solutions which allow our partners and their clients to close on the go. We build the closing into their schedule rather than forcing them to rearrange. 

One of the key methods we use to do this is mobile notaries, where possible.

What is a Mobile Notary?

A notary public is a person authorized by the state to witness and attest to, among other things, signatures on important documents. Traditionally, notaries have worked out of banks, financial institutions, law firms, and other similar businesses. 

With the rise of digital transactions and easy movement of documents electronically, alternative solutions have been created. These services allow principals in transactions more flexibility to receive and sign documents on their own terms, rather than going out of their way. Mobile notaries fall into this category of services. 

Mobile notary services employ notaries who are available to go to the location of the signor, ensure the signing party is of sound mind, guide the signing process, and witness the signatures. Mobile notaries can be deployed on your time table, allowing closing to happen on each party’s schedule, potentially from across the country. 

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How does Blueprint use Mobile Notaries?

First, mobile notaries are not available in all states, due to each state’s regulations for how transactions must be closed. However, if a mobile notary is an option in your state, the process is simple. 

Blueprint contracts with state or national mobile notary services. If you are a Blueprint partner and will be using a mobile notary, we will obtain a convenient address at onboarding. There are other options depending on the state, including e-signature and authorized signatories, which we will cover in future articles. Once the closing date approaches, we will confirm that it is still the right address. 

If you are a party to a transaction and are new to Blueprint, you will receive an information sheet in your welcome email. That sheet will ask for a convenient address where we can deploy a mobile notary at closing. Providing that address will greatly help the closing day proceed smoothly. When your file has been cleared to close, a Blueprint associate will reach out to confirm the time, date, and location you would like the mobile notary to meet you. On the day of your scheduled closing, your notary will bring the signing documents to you. You can refer to the Closing Instructions in our Portal for direction on what else is required at closing.


Mobile notaries are one of the ways that we make closing more convenient for our partners and their clients. Using these strategies, closings are smoother and fit better into your schedule. We’re always working to create better processes that meet our partners’ and their clients’ needs.

*The information provided in Blueprint Academy does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice. All content is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide a complete description of the subject matter. Specific processes will vary based on applicable law. The title and closing process will be handled by a third-party attorney to the extent required by law. Product offerings vary by jurisdiction and are not available or solicited in any state where we are not licensed.