Introducing the Blueprint Academy!

As Blueprint enters 2022, we’ve established several big, exciting focus areas for the new year. Today we get the opportunity to highlight two important goals of the business:  


  • Making the mechanics of real estate transactions as easy to navigate as any other investment transaction. 
  • Shining a light on the inner workings of title and closing in order to alleviate confusion and stress from the process. 


We’ve chosen to pursue those goals from a few different angles. Our technology team is working diligently on enhancements to our platform to provide greater insight and more navigable experience for both external partners and internal team members. Our operations team is working to create even more efficient, cost-effective processes.

Today, we’re so excited to reveal another piece of this puzzle:

The Blueprint Academy

The Blueprint Academy is part knowledge base, part comprehensive learning platform, constructed with the real estate professional in mind. When fully built, the Blueprint Academy will be the most in-depth resource for the title and closing industry, providing visitors with insights into anything they need to know. 

Why Are We Building the Academy?

Real estate transactions, and residential transactions, in particular, can be confusing, time-consuming, and stressful, even for the most sophisticated buyers and sellers. 

Much of that stress and confusion comes from the fact that the process can vary from state to state, county to county, and company to company. Additionally, the process often feels largely opaque, with much of the inner workings either not communicated or communicated only at a surface level. 

We believe that opening up the doors so buyers and sellers receive more context around the process not only helps alleviate stress and confusion, but also empowers them to make decisions and work smarter with their title and closing partners. 

Transparency matters. It starts with being open about what we do, how we do it, and what it means for our partners. 

It shouldn’t stop there. Even where Blueprint doesn’t operate, we believe that educating the real estate industry about title and closing is not only valuable, but vital.

What is the Academy?

To start, the Academy is a look at many of the most important topics affecting title and closing. We break each topic down into bite-sized articles so that visitors can easily find and learn what they need for their transactions. 

Launching today is our initial content across the following topics:

  • Deeds and Title: the what, when, where, why and how of deeds, title, and property ownership.
  • Title Insurance: the basics of title underwriting, policies, and remedies.
  • Title Search and Clearing: how title companies uncover and cure title issues.
  • Closing Process: closing documents, costs, and procedures.
  • Post-Closing: what happens after the closing, including recording and disbursement.
  • Blueprint: who Blueprint is, what we do, and how we do it. 

Where do We Go from Here?

The Academy is an on-going endeavor. Our goal is to both educate and illuminate. This process is not done all at once. As a knowledge base and comprehensive learning platform for our industry, the Academy will never stop growing, finding new opportunities, and creating new ways to engage. 

Over the coming months, we will continue to expand and deepen our content, highlighting ever more complex and specific elements of the process. In the end, every real estate professional, buyer, or seller of any level of sophistication should be able to find insights in the Academy. 

What Does this Mean for You?

We hope that this presents an opportunity to learn, understand, and engage with title and closing, and Blueprint, in new ways. The Academy is intended not as a pulpit, but as a collaborative endeavor. We want you to learn, but we also want you to work with us to build the best possible resource for our industry. 

Do you have ideas for the Academy? We want to hear them. Follow us on social, and send them our way, so we can work to build even more content relevant to you. 

This is one step on our journey to illuminating our industry and removing stress from your transactions. We’re more than a little bit excited about where this road will lead.