Getting Started with Blueprint User Guide

Disclaimer: The information provided on this site does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal, financial, tax, or real estate advice. Please consult your expert for advice in those areas. All content is for general informational purposes only and is not intended to provide a complete description of the subject matter. Although Blueprint provides information it believes to be accurate, Blueprint makes no representations or warranties about the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this site. Specific processes will vary based on applicable law. The title and closing process will be handled by a third-party attorney to the extent required by law. Product offerings vary by jurisdiction and are not available or solicited in any state where we are not licensed.

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We’re excited to be a part of your real estate closing experience. Blueprint helps augment the traditional title and closing experience by providing insights into transaction milestones, alerting users to time-sensitive requests, and coordinating the closing with convenient mobile and remote signing options when available. 

With this guide, you’ll learn the essentials to getting started in the Blueprint platform, steps to completing your first real estate transaction with us, and tips for keeping your transaction on track. 


Getting started index: 


  1. Logging into Blueprint 
  2. Dashboard Tour 
  3. Opening a New Transaction 
  4. Advanced User Settings in Blueprint
  5. Scheduling a Closing 
  6. Tips for Keeping Your Transactions on Track 
  7. Contacting Support 

After you have been invited to Blueprint, you’ll receive an email prompting you to create your password.

Log in screen for blueprint showing password creagion

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to log in by visiting and clicking “login” or bookmark Next, review and agree to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Service to start your first transaction order. Blueprint and other insurance providers are required by law to explain our information-sharing practices, how users can “opt-out,” and limit the disclosure of nonpublic personal information. 


If you forget your password, you can request a reset by clicking the “Need to Reset Your Password?” link

Blueprint's Forgot Password Screen

Once you’ve completed this step, you’ll be able to log in by visiting and clicking “login” or bookmark Next, review and agree to our Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Terms of Service to start your first transaction order. Blueprint and other insurance providers are required by law to explain our information-sharing practices, how users can “opt-out,” and limit the disclosure of nonpublic personal information.  

After logging into your account, you’ll land on the transactions overview dashboard. 

Screen shot of transaction overview with alerts and file folders

Here, you will find all of your pending transactions with a quick-view Status Tracker. 


Transaction Details

To view details of a transaction, click the address. Here, you’ll be able to view the property address, estimated closing date, a link to a map with the property location(s), the Status Tracker, Transaction Tasks, and documents related to the transaction that you have permission to view or access. 



There are three main components within each transaction: 


  1. Status Tracker
  2. Documents 
  3. Closing Appointment 

The Status Tracker




The Status Tracker is composed of transaction milestones: 



  • Order Received: your transaction order was successfully placed. 
  • Information Gathering: the Blueprint team has begun the property research process and examined the public documents. Your Title Commitment has also been issued. 
  • Closing Preparation: buyer, seller, and lender closing documents are being prepared and gathered. The exact closing documents may vary based on the transaction type. This is the step where the settlement statement, closing disclosure, or HUD is created, requiring the title company and lender to reconcile closing costs and ensure the amounts are correct.   
  • Closing: the necessary closing documents are signed by all parties. Shortly after signing the closing documents, they will be uploaded to the transaction and found in the Documents section. 
  • Funding and Disbursement: Blueprint will disburse funds as soon as all funds from appropriate parties are received and all necessary requirements, including lender approval, have been confirmed.  
  • Recording: all documents or recording instruments listed in the Title Commitment are submitted to the appropriate recording jurisdiction.  
  • Policies Issued: the title insurance policy (lender’s, owner’s, or both) is created and uploaded during this milestone.  

NOTE: The Information Gathering milestone is often the most complex and lengthy for our title and transaction experts. The information-gathering period consists of extensive research to meet legal and underwriting requirements, resolve (or require additional documentation for) any potential title defects and ensure the final title policy is marketable and the transaction is completed according to state laws. Once the transaction surpasses this milestone, status updates tend to move more quickly. 


Transaction Tasks

Depending on your transaction type and your role, you may see slightly different Transaction Tasks under each Transaction Milestone. 


Below is an example of Transaction Tasks within the Information Gathering Milestone for a seller in a purchase transaction. 


The next example is Transaction Tasks within the Information Gathering Milestone for a loan processor in a refinance transaction.



Next, the Documents section will show all the current files associated with your transaction. 

Uploaded documents will have a green check mark next to them with the file upload date and actions available. A gray check mark indicates that there is an action for you to take in completing or uploading that document.


Users may be able to view, upload, download, and electronically sign documents. View any document by clicking on its file name. The document will open in a new tab in your browser. 

Closing Appointment

Once your transaction has reached the Closing Milestone, you’ll receive an email notification about the type of closing appointment your transaction requires. Closing appointment types include: 


  • Mobile Notary Signing – one of our affiliated and vetted mobile signing agents will be assigned to your closing. 
  • Remote Online Notarization – if available in your region and transaction type, you may request a remote online notarization (RON) appointment via our preferred vendor Notarize. 
  • eSigning – Depending on your role, you may only be required to provide an electronic signature. 
  • Manual Signing Types – for when an attorney closing is required or you, your client, or another transaction party prefers to use their own notary signing agent and the transaction is eligible. An internal process is required to approve the use of another notary before the closing. Personal notaries must be vetted prior to closing by providing Blueprint with credentialed documents.


Read more about the different types of electronic closings. 


When the closing appointment has been set, you’ll see the signing type, the parties involved in the closing, and the closing date. If another party scheduled a time and day that doesn’t work for you or you need to reschedule, click “I CANNOT SIGN ON THIS DAY” at the bottom of the Closing Appointment section. 

Dashboard Alerts



When a transaction requires action on your behalf, you’ll see alert messages like this on both the main dashboard view and the transaction view. 

Dashboard Filter


When viewing the transactions overview dashboard, you have the option to filter by closing date, status (cancelled, closed, new, on hold, and open), state, or search by a keyword like the property address number, street name, or the name of an involved party or company. Only property information included in address line 1 will be searchable.



Closing Date. Pick a day or select a range based on today, tomorrow, next 7 days, next 30 days, this month, or last month.  


Status dropdown menu. 


Filter transactions using a string of numbers in the address field.


User Settings


Under user settings, you’ll find Personal Settings and Communication Settings. 



Personal Settings

Here, you can update your basic user information and reset your password. 

For more details on advanced user settings for administrators refer to the Advanced User Settings in Blueprint section of this guide. 


Communication Settings

To update when you receive email notifications about your transactions, navigate to “Communication Settings.” 


Opening a New Transaction

To place your first transaction order, click the “Create New Transaction” button on the top right corner of your dashboard. 


You’ll be guided through a five-step submission process:


  1. Preliminary Information
  2. Transaction Details 
  3. Additional Parties
  4. Order Documents 
  5. Review Order  


Step 1: Enter in all the Preliminary Information which includes transaction type (purchase or refinance), purchase price, and property address. For properties without addresses, users can override the Google Maps suggestion and type in any value like a parcel identification number. 




Step 2: Provide more details about the transaction like the financing, if an assignment contract is involved, if it is a double close, your designated role, and the anticipated closing date. 




Step 3: Add all known parties to the transaction. Enter in as much detail as you can to keep your transaction on track. 




Step 4: Upload your purchase and sale agreement, assignment contract, and other documents relevant to the transaction. 




Step 5: Review your order details and hit submit to place your order! 

Your new order will be displayed on your Transactions Overview Dashboard. If you notice any mistakes or need a party removed or added to your transaction, click the “Support” button on your dashboard or email


Advanced User Settings in Blueprint

There are two user types in Blueprint: 


  1. Admin
  2. Basic 


From the Admin view, you will be able to see all transactions associated with your company even if you aren’t added as a contact on that transaction.

Under these user settings, you’ll find the additional options that aren’t available to Basic users. 


These settings options include: 


1. Details – Under “Your Company Details,” address details can be edited, but company name can’t.  



2. Users – Find and review all client users and their roles here. Resend the invitation to new users to allow them to create a Blueprint account and sign in. Admin users are unable to remove other users. To add or remove a user, reach out to your Account Manager or create a support ticket.



3. Personal Settings – you can update the name, password, and email. 



4. API – This is where your engineering team can configure access to Blueprint’s public API.




5. Communication Settings – Admin users have access to the same communication preferences as Basic users.


Scheduling a Closing

Before scheduling a closing, ensure all the parties who are required to sign are added to the transaction. Reach out to the support team if any party is missing. 


When the transaction is ready for closing, it will move into the Closing milestone. Our team members will review your transaction details to confirm your transaction meets the requirements of the appropriate closing type. Signers will receive an email prompting them to choose a time and day for their closing.  


The details of the following emails will vary depending on which closing type is chosen. 


Generally, follow-up emails will have your notary’s contact information, instructions to prepare for the closing, and where to find answers to FAQs.

What to Bring to Your Closing Appointment

Lenders may occasionally request two forms of IDs for your closing. Be sure to check your email instructions for more information and details. Unless otherwise noted, one form of ID is sufficient. 


Depending on the state, certain real estate documents may require a witness. Check the details of your follow-up emails to see if it’s required. 


For attorney and manual closings, please contact the attorney for more information. 


Note: If you are scheduled for mobile loan signing or RON, please be advised that the notary professional may not answer questions that constitute legal advice or make any changes to the closing documents. If you have any questions or concerns that the notary is unable to answer, reach out to Blueprint or your attorney. 

Generally, follow-up emails will have your notary’s contact information, instructions to prepare for the closing, and where to find answers to FAQs.

Canceling and Rescheduling Appointments

If you need to cancel or reschedule your closing appointment. Click the “Support” button on the bottom right-hand corner of your dashboard. Fill out the information and provide a message with the new time and day. 


Our support team will reschedule your appointment on your behalf. 


Signing parties are not notified when an appointment is canceled, but they will receive a notification when a new appointment is scheduled.

Tips for Keeping Your Transactions on Track

The Status Tracker is tied into our transaction processing system. As our team or other parties associated with the transaction complete tasks within that system, the tracker is following and updating those tasks. Once all tasks are completed for a particular stage, progress will automatically update. For most stages, you will also receive email notifications when a milestone has been reached.


Still, you may have some questions about certain Transaction Tasks and how quickly your transaction will move from one milestone to the next. 


To keep your transaction on track and close as quickly as possible, follow these tips:  


  • Provide as much information about the property as possible upfront. 
  • Add all parties involved in the transaction as soon as possible so each individual completes the required actions in a timely manner. 
  • Add all the appropriate contracts and documentation related to the transaction before submitting. 
  • Consult an attorney in your state if you are new to complex real estate transactions to create proper contract templates. As a neutral third party, Blueprint must abide by state laws, underwriter rules, and other regulations when coordinating closings on behalf of our clients and their counterparties. If the details of contracts or documents don’t contain the required information, we won’t be able to move forward until the problem is resolved. Processes may also vary from one state to another or according to our underwriter’s rules. Our title and escrow team will reach out if there are any concerns or changes needed. 
  • Keep track of your dashboard alerts and email notifications. Missing an alert to upload, sign, or respond to another required action can cause delays.  
  • Encourage your buyers and sellers to complete Blueprint’s information sheets as soon as possible. Learn more about Seller’s Information Sheets and Buyer’s Information Sheets

Contacting Support

When is support available? 

Support is available from 8 AM CST to 6 PM CST. Typically, responses are delivered within one business day. If you have questions outside of support hours, the team will respond the next business day.   


How do I contact support? 

Email or click the “Support” button within the Blueprint portal. Submissions sent through these two options will be replied to via email. Our system is also capable of replying to texts we receive but we cannot initiate outgoing texts.


Who provides support? 

Outside of the specific people assigned to work your transaction, all operations team members are capable of answering questions about your file. If a member of your assigned transaction team is not available, anyone on Blueprint’s title and closing team will be happy to assist.

Want to see what Blueprint can do for you?

Our team wants to hear from you and show you how our platform works. Request a demo and our team will reach out to help you learn more.
We, us, and Blueprint refer to Construct Title, LLC, which is a licensed title agency operating under dba names depending on state. Our agency is currently licensed in 26 states and operational in 19 states. We act as an agency for one or more affiliated and unaffiliated insurance companies. Product offerings vary by jurisdiction and are not available or solicited in any state where we are not licensed. Closings will be handled by a third-party attorney where required by law. Features and services availability will vary by market and applicable law.

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